How We Make
Our Product Matters

A cup of yogurt won't change the world,
but how we make it might.


Local Sourcing

It all starts with a whole lot of milk, which we are proud to source from regional farms that provide us milk from cows not treated with added growth hormones like rBST.1


Authentic Straining

Next, we turn that milk into yogurt using an authentic straining process that's been around for generations. This special process makes our yogurt extra thick and gives it twice as much protein than regular, unstrained yogurts.2


Natural Ingredients

Then we take care to add only real fruit and natural sweeteners. It's a thoughtful process that, unlike some of the other guys, ensures we never use preservatives.

1. According to the FDA, no significant difference has been found between milk derived from fBST-treated cows and no-rBST cows. 2. Chobani® Greek yogurt contains at least 12% more of the daily value for protein than regular, unstrained yogurt. Protein content of regular low-fat yogurt is 11 grams protein per 8 oz. serving; Chobani® Greek yogurt low-fat contains 11-12 grams of protein per 5.3 oz. serving.


Responsible Manufacturing

We continue to actively implement sustainability practices as part of our commitment to the environment and community. All of our whey byproduct, for example, is recycled as supplemental feed or fertilizer for our local farms.