Cyrenthia Ngueya

Cyrenthia Ngueya

Cyrenthia Ngueya

Barista / Fayetteville, Arkansas

In 2012, Cyrenthia fell in love with working in the world of specialty coffee. She is a national competitor in the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) in the “Coffee in Good Spirits” category, specializing in coffee-based cocktails. A wife, mother, and licensed social worker, Cyrenthia finds ways to incorporate her love of coffee and creativity in all areas of her life.

Kitchen talk

“I went to a U.S. Coffee Championship for the first time. Out of five competitions, there was only one Black person. When I went back the next year, there were so many Black people—I couldn’t count. I felt so empowered, motivated, confident. Just being in that space with other people that look like me.”

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